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worlwide readership distribution 2014

worlwide readership distribution 2014 was founded in May 2013 and is currently the most read website in german language about the Khao Lak, Khuek Khak & Takua Pa area.

With currently 5000 monthly readers and more than 12000 pageviews is in the prime position to inform future tourists and visitors about all aspects of holidays in Khao Lak prior to their arrival in Thailand. offers news, travel advice, information about attractions and tours. The current weather conditions, photo galleries and the general situation for tourists who want to visit Khao Lak. Everyone in our team thinks that Khao Lak is one of the best travel destinations in the world. This is the reason why we always want to present Khao Lak in a positive but honest way to our readers. With this new way of promoting Khao Lak as a tourist destination, we have created a huge success becoming the world’s Nr.1 web site about Khao Lak in german language within only one year!

Most of our readers are located in Germany but is also very popular amongst german speaking readers, e.g. expats & travellers, around the world.

Analytics August 2014

Visits between Juli 2013 – August 2014

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    We promise to continue this very successful way of introducing Khao Lak to our readers, and would like to help your local business to take advantage of the opportunity to present your services in Khao Lak to our huge and ever growing audience.

    Send me a short message and I’m looking forward to present you all options to promote your business and your services to our readers. If you want personal contact in Khao Lak, I will be happy to send a member of our team to meet you in person.

    Andreas Henke owner of

    If you want to start to promote your business on straight away, submit your business in our business directoryit’s free 😉

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